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Though the world is full of unknowns right now, and the landscape can look a little unsettling, winter still turns to spring in the Northwoods, and the waters will flow again. Focusing on our new motto, Success TOGETHER, students and staff look to face these new challenges with resiliency and hope.

Spring highlights should include track, baseball and softball seasons, and Mercer athletes eagerly awaiting the thaw to get outside and stretch their legs are going to have to get creative. Mr. Miller, our fitness beacon, will help keep us all in playoff shape. State testing is cancelled, but students continue to learn and grow in preparation for whenever they'll come around again. Mercer artists, unable to finish their projects for the Spring Art Show, look forward to creating new, homegrown pieces for the First Virtual Art Show to occur at a later date. Together, we're confident we'll make it through this tough time, and with our spirit and energy, we'll make it through successfully. Because that's what we're all about: Success TOGETHER.


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