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Project Proposal

Gangsters of the Northwoods Presentation

Discovery Center Presentation

Little Bohemia

August 14, 2008

6:00 p.m.


1.Interview with Mitch Babic (on tape).

2.Interview with Sherman Hart (on tape)

3.Watch the movie “The Lost Capone”

4.Read the life story of Capone-Hart Two Italian Brothers

5.Read the Collection of Northwoods Nostalgia, a collection of information from the Lakeland Times

6.Spend a day with Ralph Capone’s widow and interview her on her life with her husband in the northwoods with Mrs. Krans

7.Read Gangster Holidays The Lore and Legends of the Bad Guys by Tom Hollatz

8.Create a family tree of the Capone Family to place Ralph, Al, and Two Gun Hart

9.Interview with Mrs. Vera Brandt about the Capones

10.Interview Mrs. Lucille Brandt this summer with Mrs. Krans

11.Research and collect pictures about the Dillinger stay at Little Bohemia

12.Research the Internet about the movie Public Enemies. I will try to get pictures from Little Bohemia about the set and filming.

13.Read newspaper clippings that I have gathered and use in presentation

14.Interview extras on the movie

Create Presentation

1.Create a pamphlet to hand out to people who attend the presentation.

a. Include photographs, quotes and timelines about Dillinger, Al Capone’s family, etc.

b. Create a power point presentation with pictures and outline of the presentation.

c. Create a script for the presentation.


1. Set up one hour before the gathering. Lay out any artifacts. Maybe we could play music of the time in the background etc.

2. Have a 45-minute presentation

a. Readings from information that you found–short informational stories that were really interesting to you.

b. Power point presentation with stories, interview audio, and scanned slides

c. Zach and I will help you.

Meet with Mrs. Krans and Zach to work on presentation. Keep a log of time spent on research and preparation. We can work 2 hours a week together to create the presentation. Initially we will organize the research after you complete the readings.

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Graphic Arts



Finish Date: August 1, 2008

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