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N’wood Gangsters

This project is being worked on by Katie Klopatek, Xanath Guzman, B.J. Klein, Dan Benzel, Ross Kessenich and Kyle H.

This picture is of Cal LaPorte and Dan. Mr. LaPorte was celebrating his ninth birthday during the time Dillinger’s gang came to hideout at Little Bohemia. The Wanatka’s were his aunt and uncle. The family still was able to attend his birthday party.

This is Kyle’s sketch of John Dillinger. They say he sort of looked like a sinister Clark Gable. What do you think??

Katie and Ross are working on their presentation of “Gangsters of the Northwoods” project. It will be presented at 7:00 pm on August 14th at Little Bohemia. Did you know that Ralph Capone was very well liked by the citizens of Mercer? Come to the presentation to find out why!!