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Student Projects


Several METC School students decided that they wanted to earn credit during the summer months and learn about the environment and tourism first hand. The students with the help of their teachers and community mentors designed the following projects.

The Loon Project is an important project for the collection of ongoing data about the Loon population in Iron County. This is the first summer that two students have monitored the sites of the loons on a weekly basis. They will input their data and present their results at the completion of the summer.

The Naturalist Internship is a great cooperative experience for our student. The North Lakeland Discovery Center has been very helpful in setting up this opportunity for our student. He is learning first hand knowledge from an expert naturalist about the area’s history and ecology. He is learning how to make presentations while doing great activities and he is learning the skill of communication with tourists who are eager to learn about our natural resources.

The Gangsters of the Northwood’s Project has five students researching and creating a presentation for the North Lakeland Discovery Centers “Nibbles and Knowledge” meeting on August 14, 2008 at Little Bohemia. This landmark didn’t become known as “famous” until John Dillinger and his gang decided to hideout there for a few days in 1934. The students will be presenting on John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Al Capone, and Ralph Capone.

The Little Turtle Flowage Project has one student monitoring water levels; keeping data on nesting birds, banding Osprey, and watching two Trumpeter Swans raise their six signets. He is leaning to press plant specimens, identify new birds, plants, and learn the tracks of visiting wildlife. He is working with a member of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The Camp Jorn Intern Counselor Project is a great cooperative effort between Camp Jorn and METCS School. One student is learning how to be a camp counselor and can use this training to be hired as a camp counselor in the future. His main interest is in water front activities. He will be a certified lifeguard and learn to teach campers how to canoe, water ski, and sail. What a great way to spend one month of summer!