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Environmental History



Length: One Year

Prerequisites: None


Course Summary:

This course is an introduction to the great environmentalists and their accomplishments in the working for awareness and stewardship of our natural resources and wild beauty of our natural world. Through the eyes of men like Muir, Leopold, Pinchot, Roosevelt and others students will study their accomplishments in the context of their times and what the impact of their insights have on the environment today. Students will read accounts of the Native American impact on the natural resources as well as the impact of the cutting of the timber in Wisconsin. Students will read primary source documents, texts, and personal writings. There will be field work in conjunction with the ecology class as these courses will be team taught.


Field Journals

Environmental projects

Laboratory work

Reading Assignments

Creative Writing and 2 papers


Requirements for Charter School Students:

Students will create a portfolio-based assignment that is designed for each student.

This portfolio will be based on a history project of man’s impact on the environment during a specific historical period.

Local history projects are encouraged, such as the study of a lumber camp and its impact, research on the local Civil Conservation Corps work, etc.