Mercer School

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Mercer, WI 54547

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Environmental English



Length: One Year

Prerequisites: None

Textbooks: Sand County Almanac, A Northwoods Companion: Spring and Summer, A Northwoods Companion: Fall and Winter

Course Summary:

The Environmental English/Science class offers students a variety of learning experiences that are out of the classroom and into the surrounding natural communities as well as wide-ranging classroom activities. The English component has the Environmental English/Science (EES) students reading Sigurd Olson, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, John Bates and many other environmental authors. Writing assignments include children stories that are shared with the elementary students, creation of mystery and mythological stories, and poetry. The English to Science connection flows into research writing assignments that connect human ailments to issues within the environment, impact of invasive species, and components of area ecosystems. Area lakes are studied for water quality, invasive species and riparian zone restoration. Students will work within the school forest, maintaining trails and providing updated information for the school and local communities through brochures and presentations. For these informational projects, EES students will work with a variety of technology applications: internet search engines, cameras, a variety of software programs-PowerPoint, iMovies, brochures. EES students also teach the younger children about water quality, ecosystems, and invasive species.