Mercer School

2690 W Margaret St.
Mercer, WI 54547

Office: 715-476-2154

Course Descriptions


Charter School courses are designed to prepare students for learning and working in the 21st Century. By integrating 21st Century Skills, classes help students develop digital fluency, become self directed learners and get ready for the post secondary environment. Students already on Career Pathways should utilize the Charter School to gain a foothold on the career of their choice by taking advantage of advanced standing credits, project based learning, and personalized learning plans. Students still exploring Career Pathways may utilize the Charter School option to explore courses of study and career interests. Students entering the charter school are expected to complete a career pathway plan using the Career Cruising program and develop a personalized learning plan specifying the courses they will take during the 11th and 12th grade. The options offered through the charter school include:

Distance Education

Online courses available through the RCSA

ITV courses from NWECS or NDEN

Project Based Learning

Self Directed Learning

Work based learning

Youth Apprenticeship


Employability Skills

Industry Based Certifications

Service Learning

School District Courses

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Youth Options


MATC Adult High School (for credit remediation)

WITC Online