Mercer School

2690 W Margaret St.
Mercer, WI 54547

Office: 715-476-2154

District Vision and Mission


(The purpose of The Mercer Schools is expressed by the following:)

The Mercer School District believes that each pupil should be provided with the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to realize his or her potential, that the main purpose of the educational program of The Mercer Public Schools is to prepare young people to lead fulfilling and productive lives in a society that is deeply involved in the problems of a rapidly changing world. Our academic, vocational, co-curricular activities and other support mechanisms are therefore directed to the following:

District Mission

The Mercer Schools are committed:

To provide each pupil with an appropriate program at his/her own level.

To provide pupils with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and attitudes necessary to obtain, (and retain) a job.

To allocate sufficient time on task to maximize student achievement.

To develop a concise and measurable set of instructional objectives for each grade level or course.

To provide remedial instruction for pupils who have not satisfied basic competencies at any given grade level.

To provide a program for students “at risk.”

To provide access to programs for pupils identified as gifted and talented.

To incorporate state of the art technology in the curriculum where appropriate.

To utilize the computer as a tool throughout the school to the extent practical and possible.

To infuse environmental education topics throughout the curriculum.

To integrate a human growth and development program within the school setting.

To test student achievement with an instrument reflecting the district curriculum in the areas of reading, language arts and math at the third, fifth, eighth, and eleventh grade levels. The third grade reading test administered will be the test developed by the DPI.

To establish, yearly, a set of realistic performance goals aligned with the program development and program needs as identified through the general testing program.

To provide the community with an annual report listing the District’s performance goals for the past year and its attainment of these goals.

To conduct a needs assessment on a three to five year basis reflecting current curricular, societal, student and community needs.

To provide Guidance and counseling services for all students. The district shall have on file written evidence that its guidance and counseling program is systematically planned and directed by a Department certified person.

To provide a clean, healthy environment for students.

To build a positive, but realistic self-image based on an understanding of both human potential and human limitations.

To help each student achieve a joy in learning, born of the capacity to live in the present even as we learn from the past and prepare for the future, and to instill a desire for life long learning.

To help each child achieve creative and aesthetic capabilities in art, music, and literature as well as an appreciation of others’ creative and artistic endeavors.

To help each child build a strong character, an ability to relate amicably with others, and the willingness to use one’s knowledge and skills not only for personal achievement but for the benefit of all humankind.

To help each child develop physically and to assist with their attaining a personal well being.

ADOPTED: JAN 30 1989